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My name is Maxine Keefe and I have been practicing Reiki since 2012. Since then I have treated people ranging from children to those in their nineties for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions including stress, anxiety and sleep problems. I also treat dogs and horses with issues such as arthritis, separation anxiety and loading problems. Please read on to discover how Reiki can benefit you both.


Due to the new lockdown restrictions I will be unable to offer hands on treatments until Wednesday 2nd December, however I will continue to offer Equine treatments during this time. As with the previous lockdown I will offer distance healing which works just as well as a hands on treatment. All you need to do is sit or lie quietly at an agreed time and enjoy the healing energies. It's as simple as that! Why don't you give it a try as the first session is free, all future sessions are £15 for 30 minutes.


Training courses have been put on hold until Wednesday 2nd December. For a discounted price of £25 you can reserve your place on the next available course. Please use the contact us form to make an appointment or to request further information on training courses.

what is Reiki

What is Reiki?

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Reiki for horses


Reiki for dogs

“I can highly recommend Maxine as she is a very sincere person, her level of skill and knowledge is evident in her treatments which are comfortable, professional and relaxing”

“Maxine is such a warm, friendly and caring person….. in the tranquillity of her treatment room she transforms me to complete inner peace”

“Grateful thanks from a converted cynic….. I now sleep well, have regained a sense of purpose and have a lightness of spirit which I haven’t had for years”

“If you’re in any doubt over the benefits of Reiki for animals don’t be, it really works!”