Maxine Keefe Reiki Master

Bring things into balance with Reiki

Maxine Keefe Reiki Master


Reiki is a gentle, yet effective complementary therapy that promotes deep relaxation and natural healing.  It can help with a wide range of conditions as it heals and balances the body on many levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The benefits it can bring you are:

Deep relaxation   

Reduced stress and anxiety                                                         

Increased energy levels 

Feeling of inner calm and contentment  

Speeds up your bodies own healing systems

 A Reiki treatment is non invasive and uses no pressure or manipulation.  All that is required is a gentle hand contact to allow the energies to flow between us.  You remain fully clothed throughout the treatment which takes place on a couch or chair.

It is not attached to any religion or belief system, Reiki will help you whether you believe in it or not!

Reiki is suitable for all and will work safely alongside any medical treatment.

Please read the following quotes which are taken from testimonials provided by past/present clients.

“I can highly recommend Maxine as she is a very sincere person, her level of skill and knowledge is evident in her treatments which are comfortable, professional and relaxing”

“The relaxation I find during and after our sessions is fantastic….. now I sleep like a baby and would recommend Reiki to everyone”  

“Maxine is such a warm, friendly and caring person….. in the tranquillity of her treatment room she transforms me to complete inner peace”               

 “feel well and energised, sleep pattern restored and happy with oneself”

 “A new lease of life awaits you!”


 Taster sessions are £15, why don’t you contact me today and see what Reiki can do for you?

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