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Bree very much enjoyed his Equine Reiki treatment with Maxine. He relaxed and fell asleep which isn’t his usual behaviour when someone is with him. Maxine is friendly and approachable, explaining well how the treatment went. After the treatment I felt that Bree was less stiff and this was shown in his work the next day, where he seemed to find the Dressage exercises easier than usual. (he is 20 years old so he often begins by feeling stiff). I would recommend Maxine to anyone considering an Equine Reiki treatment.  Helen, Spalding 

Toby was suffering from very bad anxiety with the farrier being reduced to a shaking, sweating mess at the back of the stable as soon as he stepped onto the yard, he also severely panicked as soon as his feet were being trimmed. In the words of the farrier he was the worst pony he had come across.  Toby is a saint in all other respects so I knew something awful must have happened to make him respond in this way.

I first met Maxine when she gave Reiki to my late horse Sam and I was amazed the way the positive healing energy affected us both. I knew Toby was an ideal candidate for Reiki.  Maxine gave 3 sessions to Toby who responded in ways that I cannot describe.  After each session he became so much more confident and positive, especially with the farrier.  Toby was in a complete state of relaxation when he had his feet trimmed perfectly after his last session of Reiki.   The farrier couldn’t believe that it was the same pony!  Emma Chinnery, Needham Market

We rehomed Lily as a re starter, however when we started the backing process Lily was rather reluctant (to say the least) showing signs of pain.   We were able to rule out teeth, feet, ulcers, she had a course of physio treatment and a full vet check, but we were no further forward.  I saw an article about Maxine and her work and hoped she would be able to help.  Maxine came out to us and explained clearly how the Reiki would work and how it could help Lily’s physical problems and any emotional issues.  After the first treatment Maxine drew our attention to areas where she sensed pain on Lily.  From this we engaged a chiropractor who, without being told, diagnosed problems in the same areas that Maxine had picked up on.  Maxine also picked up on deeply buried past traumas, which, over the course of Reiki treatments she has been able to gently peel away.  Since having Reiki, Lily has become more confident and content.  She has taken a stronger role in the herd and is a lot more inquisitive!  Maxine has been able to tailor her treatment to suit Lily’s changing healing requirements, and is always happy to explain the processes’ clearly.  I would happily recommend Maxine to anyone considering Reiki.   Emma Webster, Burgate 

Maxine gave Toby, our 24 year old pony an Equine Reiki treatment. Toby really enjoyed the session, he was very relaxed and went to sleep, his muzzle almost touched the ground! Regular treatments of Reiki have enabled Toby to move like a much younger horse. I have noticed that if he has a Reiki treatment every month you can not tell that he is arthritic.  Sarah Berrisford, Gedney Hill 

Maxine came out to give healing to my horse who was displaying out of character behaviour.  After 6 sessions my horse became much calmer, relaxed and at ease. She certainly seemed to enjoy each session.  Result!  I don’t know how it works, but it does!   Melanie, Wetherup Street 



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Having had Reiki myself with Maxine, which was wonderful, I decided to make an appointment for my dog Harry.  Harry was an incredibly nervous dog who was scared of loud noises, slightly raised or excited voices and anything outside his routine.  He always barked at people and I believed he might be feeling pain as well.  I considered taking him to a behaviourist, but the idea of Maxine seeing him really appealed as she is such a calm, gentle person and I thought it would be a really good fit.

Well, it was!  After only six sessions Harry is much less nervous, way more confident and has less funny ticks than before.  My husband couldn’t believe the difference in him after the 1st treatment, let alone the 6th! It has been wonderful to watch such a timid dog leaping around with excitement when he saw Maxine’s car pull up.  He would spend an hour resting his head on her lap and making gorgeous contented noises.  After each session Harry would sleep for a few hours and wake up seeming much calmer and happier.  Overall the improvement in his temperament is nothing short of a miracle.  We had guests with children staying over Christmas and not only did Harry not bark at them, he actually played with them.  Harry and I can’t recommend Maxine highly enough.  If you’re in any doubt over the benefits of Reiki for animals, don’t be.  It really works!  Bea Cowley, Hadleigh   

My 10 year old Labrador Dido, from an early age has been frightened of men she doesn’t know.  If they are quiet and ignore her she will go to them in her own time.  Any shouting or loud male voices and she hides.  Also, since having her last litter of puppies 4 years ago, she has developed a fear of motorbikes, I don’t know why.  She has panic attacks if a motorbike is near, not necessarily even on the same road.

At the end of my tether, I asked Maxine to give her some Reiki treatments.  She had 4 treatments which involved her being on her own in the sitting room with Maxine.  Over a period of 6 weeks, she became noticeably calmer in the presence of strangers, even going up to them to be petted!  She is still a little wary of motorbikes but no longer has panic attacks and tries to pull me over!  The evidence speaks for itself, Maxine’s Reiki does work on dogs!  Shirley Brooke, Needham Market 

Maxine recently treated my dog, Welly, following the loss of his brother and lifelong companion to cancer at the age of 8.  It was obvious that Welly was lost, grief stricken and even more anxious than usual and would not even venture into the garden without company.  Welly has always struggled with loud noises, finding thunder and fireworks particularly frightening, as well of being very nervous of strangers and other dogs.  After 2 sessions of Reiki he seemed much more relaxed and happy.  Many family and friends have since commented on his calm disposition.  In recent thunderstorms he has been noticeably less anxious, with strangers and dogs he has become more accepting.  Maxine was extremely in tune with Welly’s needs and respectful of his space.  At the first session Welly sat some distance from her, but on the second session he plonked himself on top of her and stayed there for a good 30 minutes!  I have never seen him do this before as he usually chooses to disappear when non family members are around.  I would thoroughly recommend trying Reiki based on this experience and I firmly believe that Maxine has really helped Welly be a happier dog.  Ivana Barron, Great Finborough

Our German Shepherd dog Bolan, who we have had since 8 weeks old, has been a real challenge to us over the last few months.  He had a strong herding instinct plus he was also wary of strangers, human or canine.  We took him to training classes but he was still nervous and anxious in many situations.  We had been to a canine Reiki workshop a few years ago and we thought this may help Bolan.

After Bolan’s first session with Maxine we could see a change in his behaviour, and after a few more sessions he is definitely a changed dog.  He seems much happier and more relaxed in himself.  He really loves his time with Maxine and his behaviour is noticeably improved after a Reiki session.

We would definitely recommend Maxine to anyone with an animal that is nervous or anxious.  She has really helped Bolan for which we are very grateful.  Sue and Steve Biggs, Halstead

My dear late Oscar had very suddenly suffered a stroke and we had made the decision to have him put to sleep.  At this time Maxine was working wonders on my pony Toby and Oscar was in the stable enjoying the treatments as well.  I asked Maxine to come to my house, not to heal Oscar, but to prepare him for the journey he was about to undertake.

Before Maxine arrived Oscar had lost most of his sight, he couldn’t wag his tail and was unable to walk, lie or sit without falling over.  Once the treatment started Oscar lapped up the healing energy and was so relaxed.  At the end of the treatment he did a lovely big stretch something he had been unable to do before the Reiki.

Oscar was given a special gift by Maxine that day which enabled him to do all the things he wanted before his journey back home.  I could write all day about the amazing effects that Maxine and Reiki have had on myself and my pets, it has helped us all in different ways.  The journey has been a wonderful experience and will continue.  Emma Chinnery, Needham Market