I offer training courses in Usui Reiki at all levels: 1 (Beginner), 2 (Practitioner) and 3 (Master). I aim to run my courses in a relaxed, informal way as I find this helps my students to learn easily. There are a maximum of 2 students per course as this allows me to give both students the personal attention and guidance that they deserve. Courses are held on weekdays and Saturdays as I always try to be flexible with my students requirements. The training day itself runs from 9.30am to 4pm with a break for lunch, although this can change if you need to start or finish earlier.

From my own experience attending training courses, I find that combining theory and practical work all on the same day can be too much to take in. For this reason I prefer to separate them and this seems to suit my students as well. Once you have paid your deposit, which secures your place on the course, I will send you a welcome pack which includes a copy of the training manual. This will also be sent to you in electronic format so you can choose how to study. This is usually a few weeks before the training day which allows you plenty of time to learn the theory side. You also get the chance to practice the energy exercises, so that when you arrive for your course you feel confident and prepared. The training day itself teaches you the practical side of Reiki as you will learn how to feel energy, give treatments as well as receiving your empowerments.

Please find below the details for each course:

courses - Reiki 1 certificate

1. Beginner

  • Deposit: £50*

  • Includes: Shoden manual in hardback and electronic version, Reiki Meditations electronic version

  • No of days: 1

  • Total cost: £160

2. Practitioner

  • Deposit: £50*

  • Includes: Okuden manual in hardback and electronic version, (Reiki Meditations e version if you didn’t attend my level 1 course)

  • No of days: 1

  • Total cost: £200

3. Master

  • Deposit: £100*

  • Includes: Shinpiden manual, Master set includes 2 CD’s plus 1 x DVD

  • No of days: 2

  • Total cost: £500

Additional information:

* Due to the costs involved the deposit is non refundable.

Please note that following your level 2 course you are required to complete case studies as this brings you up to Practitioner level. This means that you can offer treatments to the public provided that you have the relevant insurance. The case studies give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop your skills further. All students comment that they learn a great deal and feel more confident once they have completed them. The case studies form an important part of the course and give it greater value.

Following the training day I am always available via e mail or phone to answer any questions or give any guidance that is required.

I thoroughly enjoy running my courses and I look forward to seeing you at the next one.

" Maxine is a very good teacher and has an easy to listen calm manner, I would highly recommend Maxine as your teacher! " Jill Frances Smith

" The whole day was well planned out, easy to follow and very enjoyable.  Maxine passes on her Reiki knowledge in a calm, professional and understandable way " Fiona Patrick

" Lovely kind teacher with time to help us through our day " Sarah Ramshaw

" A patient and informative teacher, Maxine made the whole day so enjoyable " Jo Perry

" It was a very informal and relaxing day and Maxine explains everything clearly " Geraldine Prince

" Amazing first experience and introduction to Reiki. Being so down to earth herself, Maxine helped me to build confidence in my ability to carry out Reiki treatments myself. Cannot recommend enough! " Rosie Strange

" Simply put, I could not have wished for anyone to teach me level 3 other than Maxine. She has crystal clear knowledge, understands your goals and is so professional. A huge recommend! " Bev Crowder

" I am extremely happy that I chose Maxine as my teacher as I found her knowledgeable, patient and had a wonderful calm manner.  She made me feel relaxed, answered questions fully and had a lovely sense of humour" Jenny Jean Jacques

"The level one course I attended with Maxine far exceeded my expectations.  Delivered with a genuine passion, Maxine is clear, uncomplicated and sincere in her communication." Coral Stebbings

"Maxine is an intuitive and generous teacher. It was great to have just 2 students as made the whole experience more personal." Sue Cronly Dillon

"With the gentlest of encouragement, expert guidance and warm teaching style" Alexis Devereux