Maxine Keefe Reiki Master

Bring things into balance with Reiki

Maxine Keefe Reiki Master

My journey

My path to finding Reiki has been a long and winding one. Here is the story as to how I have reached the position where you are reading this!

I became interested in complementary therapies when a Homeopath gave a talk at my workplace in 2002. I was working in Customer Services and was run down, I used to pick up all the bugs going around!  After a few remedies from the Homeopath my health improved and it opened my eyes to the world of complementary therapies and what they have to offer.

During the following years I used various different complementary therapies for ailments ranging from a serious shoulder condition to post viral fatigue, each time it resulted in my health or condition improving.

I believe things happen for a reason and after being made redundant it gave me the opportunity to find a career where I could make a real difference and benefit others as well as myself. I began researching various different therapies and attending introductory days in order to find the right complementary therapy for me. As soon as I discovered Reiki I knew I had found the one!

I booked myself onto Reiki 1 and 2 training courses and so my journey with Reiki began. Once I started treating my friends and family they were pleasantly surprised at the positive effects they were experiencing.  I am very grateful for the support that I received from them as without the “guinea pigs” I wouldn’t be where I am today. This convinced me that Reiki could really make a difference and I wanted to be able to offer this wonderful healing therapy to as many people as possible. To do this I decided to start my own business, and so here I am!

As my journey with Reiki progressed I learnt that animals are also wonderfully receptive to the healing energies.  As I have had a life long passion for them, especially with horses, it seemed perfectly natural to learn Animal and Equine Reiki and to include this as part of my business.  My personal development continues as in March 2015 I completed my training by becoming a Reiki Master.

Maxine x