I highly recommend Maxine to horse owners! The effect her healing has had on my two mares has been profound. Both needed healing because of medical and emotional issues and I have been blown away by how Reiki has helped. One mare wouldn't break out of a walk when ridden and now we are back cantering on our rides. Being new to Reiki, I couldn't be more impressed, and I plan for Maxine to be a regular face at my yard.

Susie List - Equine Endeavours


Reiki was suggested to me at a horse show when my daughter unfortunately spent more time on the ground than in the saddle! Her horse had been showing signs of unease that was reflected in his unpredictability when jumping.  I have been really impressed by Maxine's kindness and professionalism during her appointments.  The horse clearly enjoys her visits and just falls asleep!  He is literally a transformed character, much calmer and happier and certainly a lot less spooky.  I have been so impressed with Maxine that I have recently had Reiki sessions with her myself and I can honestly say that I am much calmer and happier.

Debbie Nott


I just needed to say how happy I am with the Reiki.  I was initially unsure and didn't even believe in it, you have proved that it really does work and so many things have reinforced that. You have worked on each of my 4 horses and Reiki has helped them all in different ways. The stand out is my cob mare Suzie, who has always had itchy legs which we have tried to help with lots of remedies, but with no success.  Since having Reiki, Suzie has almost stopped the heart breaking constant rubbing of her legs. This is the one horse in my herd that I thought wouldn't respond to the Reiki! Thank you.



Bree very much enjoyed his Equine Reiki treatment with Maxine. He relaxed and fell asleep which isn’t his usual behaviour when someone is with him. Maxine is friendly and approachable, explaining well how the treatment went. After the treatment I felt that Bree was less stiff and this was shown in his work the next day, where he seemed to find the Dressage exercises easier than usual. (he is 20 years old so he often begins by feeling stiff). I would recommend Maxine to anyone considering an Equine Reiki treatment.



Maxine has been an integral piece of helping to heal my horse Roman. I initially reached out to Maxine because I was having issues with him under saddle, although there were issues on the ground as well which stemmed from his separation anxiety. He would often rear, nap, plant, kick out and it was impossible to take him to competitions (although he presented the same behaviour at home too). After exhaustively checking every possible physical cause, I was left with a very healthy horse who was just very stressed and all the traditional training methods I had tried had failed. I had heard of reiki before but always dismissed it as “not real medicine”. Of course, this was only based off of my preconceived notions and a lack of understanding. But since I was out of options, I reached out to the Suffolk Reiki Company and spoke with Maxine.

She has been helping Roman for about two months now and has also supported us through the stress that can come with moving yards. The changes that I have seen in my horse have been incredible! He is now one of the most relaxed horses on the yard, jumping anything I point him at and he seems to have truly gained confidence. He hasn’t reared or napped in weeks! His personality develops more and more every day and he has quite the natural inquisitive nature! As someone who has struggled, feeling like they’re letting their horse down, I couldn’t be happier that Maxine has been working with my boy. It makes me so happy to see him so relaxed and content! If you’re interested even a little bit, I would highly recommend Maxine. Not only is her work fantastic but she is very professional and is such a kind person, I trust her completely with my horse.

Bridget Sidlovsky


Toby was suffering from very bad anxiety with the farrier being reduced to a shaking, sweating mess at the back of the stable as soon as he stepped onto the yard, he also severely panicked as soon as his feet were being trimmed. In the words of the farrier he was the worst pony he had come across.  Toby is a saint in all other respects so I knew something awful must have happened to make him respond in this way.

I first met Maxine when she gave Reiki to my late horse Sam and I was amazed the way the positive healing energy affected us both. I knew Toby was an ideal candidate for Reiki.  Maxine gave 3 sessions to Toby who responded in ways that I cannot describe.  After each session he became so much more confident and positive, especially with the farrier.  Toby was in a complete state of relaxation when he had his feet trimmed perfectly after his last session of Reiki. The farrier couldn’t believe that it was the same pony!

Emma Chinnery

Needham Market

We rehomed Lily as a re starter, however when we started the backing process Lily was rather reluctant (to say the least) showing signs of pain. We were able to rule out teeth, feet, ulcers, she had a course of physio treatment and a full vet check, but we were no further forward. I saw an article about Maxine and her work and hoped she would be able to help. Maxine came out to us and explained clearly how the Reiki would work and how it could help Lily’s physical problems and any emotional issues. After the first treatment Maxine drew our attention to areas where she sensed pain on Lily. From this we engaged a chiropractor who, without being told, diagnosed problems in the same areas that Maxine had picked up on. Maxine also picked up on deeply buried past traumas, which, over the course of Reiki treatments she has been able to gently peel away. Since having Reiki, Lily has become more confident and content. She has taken a stronger role in the herd and is a lot more inquisitive! Maxine has been able to tailor her treatment to suit Lily’s changing healing requirements, and is always happy to explain the processes’ clearly. I would happily recommend Maxine to anyone considering Reiki.

Emma Webster


Maxine gave Toby, our 24 year old pony an Equine Reiki treatment. Toby really enjoyed the session, he was very relaxed and went to sleep, his muzzle almost touched the ground! Regular treatments of Reiki have enabled Toby to move like a much younger horse. I have noticed that if he has a Reiki treatment every month you can not tell that he is arthritic.

Sarah Berrisford

Gedney Hill

Maxine came out to give healing to my horse who was displaying out of character behaviour. After 6 sessions my horse became much calmer, relaxed and at ease. She certainly seemed to enjoy each session. Result! I don’t know how it works, but it does!


Wetherup Street