Having not had Reiki for many years, I decided it was just what I needed to restore a bit of calm to my life, and to improve my energy levels. I can highly recommend Maxine as she is a very sincere person, who has a calming influence on you from the moment you meet her. Her level of skill and knowledge is evident in her treatments, which are comfortable, professional and relaxing. All in all, it has been a very positive experience, which I know I have benefitted from greatly.

Shana Kilbree

Badwell Ash

Talented and wonderful lady. Creates a safe space for deep and mindful Reiki practice. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for emotional/ physical/ spiritual healing.

Aisling Taylor


I'm loving Reiki with Maxine, it is helping me deal with so many difficult times right now and gives me so much peace and healing. Today I feel so light and happy. Maxine is such a gentle, calming, professional and kind person. She has helped me and my mum in law to create so much peace and comfort in our everyday. I like to take time out in my day to meditate on my own and Maxine has helped me to do that with so much more ease. I was unsure about Reiki, but I’m more focused and clearer than I was and it has helped me heal after losing my mum last year. Sharing this with my mum in law has gifted me a sense of peace, joy and strength in living that I thought I’d lost after losing my mum. 

Angela Wright


After a taster session at a Mind, Body and Spirit event I decided to try Reiki as a "stress buster" for my job as a foster carer. It worked for me! I now have more patience, sleep better and have more energy after my 5 sessions.

Shirley Brooke

Needham Market

Maxine radiates warmth and magic as soon as you meet her! I have had multiple Reiki sessions by Maxine over the years, as well as completing my Reiki levels one, two and Masters with Suffolk Reiki Company. Maxine is a wonderful healer, teacher and guide to anyone wanting to learn and feel Reiki energy! I highly recommend Maxine for every aspect of Reiki! Thank you so much!

Lucy Rhys Williams


I have received Reiki in the past and having recently been affected by cancer I felt it was a good time to revisit this type of treatment.  Hormone therapy can make you feel so out of sorts, really low and generally imbalanced.  Having been signed off by my GP for anxiety and depression due to going back to work too early after surgery, I was told to take time to "absorb" what had happened and have some serious "me" time.  Reiki with Maxine is serious "me" time I can tell you!  I just typed Reiki in the Suffolk area into the search engine and was immediately drawn to Maxine's website.

Maxine is such a warm, friendly and caring person.  In the tranquillity of her comfy treatment room and relaxing music, she transforms me to complete inner peace, and after each treatment I feel so grounded.  What's experienced during Reiki can differ from session to session and person to person.  Personally, I see colours and achieve a deep level of spiritual wellbeing.  I thoroughly recommend Maxine's Reiki sessions to you for any kind of "me" time.

Beverly Crowder


I can't speak highly enough of the Reiki treatment I have had with Maxine. She is a wonderful healer who puts you at ease straight away, she is a caring person who takes time with you before and after each treatment. I come away after each session feeling extremely relaxed, more balanced with deep feelings of peace and an overall sense of improved well being.

Jane Barker


I have recently undertaken the level 1 training offered by Maxine.  Thorough and easy to use course materials (manual and CD) were provided beforehand to help prepare for the training day.  Maxine is an excellent teacher who explained concepts and instructions clearly and was able to answer all our questions.  The small group size of 2 meant that Maxine was able to give us each the individual attention and guidance that we needed.  Maxine's friendly and caring manner as she gently guided us through the day made receiving our empowerments and giving our first treatments a very special and wonderful experience. Thank you Maxine.

Rachel Bescoby

Wickham Market

I was recommended to try Reiki by a friend as I was suffering extreme tiredness and some depression after a particularly nasty viral attack. I found it to be extremely beneficial, giving me back the energy I had lost and less tiredness. A wonderful bonus was reduced pain from a chronic back condition which meant that I could sleep without waking from the pain several times a night. I am sure Reiki would help others in many ways and would definitely recommend giving it a try. A new lease of life awaits you!

Chris Harding


Reiki had the effect of allowing me to feel rested, relaxed and to rebalance my emotions. After going through a disturbing time in my life, when I needed solace and grounding, Reiki gave me this! If you need to find peace in your life I would recommend Reiki. Definitely have 5 sessions to gain full benefit of feeling well, energised, sleep pattern restored and happy with oneself.

Sue Skinner

Great Blakenham

I've suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last 3 years. During that time I have tried different medications which, so far, have not relieved any of my symptoms. I have always been sceptical of "Complimentary Therapies" but decided to try Reiki to see if it would help. From the first treatment I felt a very deep sense of relaxation, something I have never experienced before. I always thought I couldn't relax! I also find I get a wave of warmth throughout my body and usually end up asleep by the end of the treatment. The sessions leave me feeling almost normal, my head feels clearer and my legs are free from the constant aching I have had since my illnesss began. Although the relief from the symptoms are temporary I do believe that the treatment is starting to help the recovery process. Maxine provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere and in my case understands how CFS can effect your daily life. It is difficult to put into words how Reiki makes you feel, it is best to experience it for yourself.

Martin Brett

Earl Stonham

Recently I found myself facing disappointment professionally and body weight issues. I booked 5 sessions of 40 minutes with Maxine. I was amazed from the first session how wonderful it was. First of all, each treatment affords real comfort and deep relaxation. As the positive energy starts to flow through your whole body you have a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. At times, you even feel like you are floating above the table. Reiki heals on many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, and more. Maxine does not always know of all your ailments beforehand but lets the energy guide her to areas needing healing, for example it happened that she located my sore knee, not knowing beforehand that I had experienced any discomfort following an exercise session. I was very impressed by this. Following a course of treatment, I felt great, well, happy, strong, relaxed and comfortable in my skin again. My world was back in order. Thank you Maxine and Reiki for helping me feel amazing again, get my life back into perspective and appreciate life’s joy once more.


Mid Suffolk

I suffer from a chronic hip condition that leaves me in constant pain, especially whilst driving. During my treatments I feel heat or cold in my hip area and I become extremely relaxed. Following my treatments my hip is pain free and I'm able to drive home in comfort. I would recommend for everyone to try Reiki, to see what it could do for them.

Nick Thorpe

Bury St Edmunds

I decided to give Reiki a try to help me relax and unwind. During the sessions I have very quickly experienced a deep sense of relaxation, which has come as a real surprise as I am not the type of person to switch off easily. I have left the sessions feeling relaxed and sleepy, but the day after I feel very refreshed and completely energised. I would recommend this invigorating experience to anyone.

Caroline Williams


I would not have believed what a wonderful experience Reiki is unless I had experienced it myself. It has been an invaluable treatment helping me with my long term health problems. The treatments I have had with Maxine have been a truly enlightening experience, helping me to engage with my spiritual side, combating day to day stress and maintaining my general well being. Since having weekly treatments my sleep has been much more peaceful and settled.

Tim Holden


I tried Reiki as I've had a bad back for several years now.  What a wonderful experience, I felt calm and relaxed, my back felt so much better and even my sleep improved! I cannot express how grateful I am to you Maxine.

Susan Gort