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The treatment takes place on a couch in a warm, quiet upstairs room, whilst gentle music plays. During the treatment, I slowly work my way around your body with my hands either resting gently on you or hovering just above.

Most people seem to experience deep relaxation whilst they are receiving Reiki. You may also feel heat, cold or tingling, see colours or feel like you are floating or sinking into the couch. Some people feel nothing at all and just enjoy the peace and calmness that Reiki brings. It varies a great deal from one person to another, but no matter what you feel during your treatment, Reiki is giving you what you need.

Depending on what issues you are facing, one or two treatments can be enough to bring the results you require.  In other cases, you may benefit from a course of Reiki to achieve the best outcome.  This would consist of up to 5 treatments, where progress is reviewed at each session. You can choose between a taster, 40 minute or one hour appointment.  Following the initial course of treatments, many people have monthly sessions as they enjoy the peace, relaxation and healing that Reiki brings them.

Taster sessions are just £20, contact me today to book your first treatment.

** Reiki is not a substitute for conventional medicine, if you have any concerns about your health you must contact your Doctor